Living more bravely with MS
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These people aren’t actors. They are strong-willed individuals, united by their refusal to let their illness control their lives. The locations you see them in are not film sets but real places from their actual lives, which their friends and family introduce us to. They are shaping their future how they want, because they want to live! Just like everyone else, they want to be recognised for who they are. They wanted to share their personal message with us – how they really feel – to show the world how to live life to the full.

The people in this film all live with multiple sclerosis.

MS affects 2.5 million1 people worldwide and around 15,0002 people in Switzerland. In fact, multiple sclerosis is the most common neurological condition among young adults.

I always wanted to be a mum. I was not going to let my MS diagnosis take that dream away from me. Now I want to give other people the courage they need to follow their dreams.
Find out more about Nadine

Nadine was diagnosed with MS at the age of 24, six weeks before she was due to get married. She is now mother to two little boys, and appreciates life more than ever. She no longer puts off following her dreams – she tries to make them come true every day.

I found my MS diagnosis really hard to come to terms with. Once I had accepted it as part of who I am, I was able to enjoy my life again and get back to following my crazy ideas.
Find out more about Florian

An athlete, high-diver, logistics wiz, podcaster and bartender – Florian loves his diverse lifestyle full of organised chaos. Now he sees MS as just another challenge for him to overcome.

There is nothing and no one that could take away my love for travel. When I’m travelling, I feel an indescribable sense of freedom. I’m not afraid of jumping head-first into the unknown, because I truly believe that we have the power to shape our lives however we want.
Find out more about Anita

Anita was 20 when she was diagnosed with MS. Shortly afterwards, she started travelling, and lived and worked in New Zealand from 2009 to 2016. Her travels also gave her the opportunity to discover herself, and all the amazing things we can trust our bodies to do. Meditating regularly gives her a sense of peace and allows her body to truly rest.

Time and again, my MS has shown me that what makes me happy is focusing on the positives. No matter what life throws at me, I go with the flow and keep my chin up.
Find out more about Karin

Karin has been living with MS for almost 30 years. As a writer, she’s interested in the stories that go on beneath the surface – when people take off their masks and show who they really are.

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